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Excelsnippets.com was founded by N. Shirlene Pearson, Ph.D. after retiring from the Department of Statistical Sciences at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA. Dr. Pearson has many years experience using Microsoft Excel and VBA to help solve complex computational and data manipulation problems. It is a tool she used with other statistical software tools.

Excel VBA played a central role in several major projects she supported, including:

  • SMU's Course Evaluation process,
  • litigation work often involving statistical sampling and extrapolation,
  • Frito-Lay shelf-stocking trend reports,
  • National Association of Dental Plans reports used in their quarterly reporting process,
  • and many others.

All expert reports she submitted in connection with her legal support work were done using Microsoft Word and Excel, where attached exhibits were formatted and generated in Excel.

Tutorials presented in Excelsnippets.com help beginners learn Excel and VBA, as well as those with some background to refresh their understanding.

Skill in these tools is an important asset for those involved in data analysis and reporting.

Foundation work on the VBA portion of Excelsnippets.com is now in place. Planned expansions during the upcoming year will begin with Excel VBA built-in functions. A foundation for the Excel portion of the web tutorial will also be laid during this time.

While we work on adding content to our website, we welcome questions, feedback or comments you may have. Tell us about yourself and your goals in learning Excel and VBA. We want to help you on your journey. Our goal is to respond in one or two business days.

Thank you for visiting us,

N. Shirlene Pearson, Ph.D.
Pearson Statistical Consulting & Expert Testimony.